Response to Law Against Foreigners in Egypt

This ad in the Egyptian Gazette newspaper provides readers with a quick synopsis of a book called The Law Affecting Foreigners in Egypt by James Henry Scott, a lecturer at the Khedivial School of Law, Cairo. The book is an introduction to Egyptian Law as it affected foreigners and provides information on history like; the law of the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman Capitulations.

The Cotton Industry

The article “Cotton Industry in Lancashire” in the June 24, 1907 issue caught my attention since it shows how a textile that we use today, such as cotton, was used over a century ago. This article discusses how there was a surge in the production of raw cotton and how the industry of yarn weavers was able to handle this situation. In a brief statement – the weavers could not handle the overwhelming amounts of raw cotton being produced and had to cut manufacturing for a few weeks at a time.

The Bubonic Plague

How the Bubonic Plague hit Egypt

Chatham Explosion

World's Largest Explosion