How To Prepare for an Outbreak

This article describes how Alexandria, Egypt is preparing for a potential Cholera Outbreak.

Sleepy driver results in fatal accident

Crewe-Bristol Express Wrecked, 19 killed, 40 injured.

Abnormalities in the Mines

Mistakes were made when preparing to set fire to a mine. Two miners were killed and four of them were badly injured.

Drowning in Egypt

This article is about a tragedy that occurred at sea. A minister has fallen overboard, but he is not the only one.

A Domestic Tragedy

A disagreement between a divorced pair leads to fatal consequences

Cairo Visitor Gravely Injured

RIP Mr. Hann

Death amongst the Egyptians

You could be next


To the Editor about a dog

Dead Hungry

Have you ever feared that you would be hungry in the afterlife? Well if you get buried in Egypt, you shouldn't.

Death of Haicalis Pasha

The passing of the Doyen of Local Press, a beloved soul and very important man in Egypt.