Advertising... Has anything really changed?

Advertisements are a part of our everyday life, and it does not seem that much has changed since 1907 Alexandria.

H & C Flick, Cigar Importers

Am I related?

Plants that make ice?

See what happens when engineers mix water with plants.

The Evolution of Cigarette Advertising

In 1970, Congress passed the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act, which prohibited the advertisement of cigarettes, and this law took effect on January 2, 1971. As a result, I have never seen a pro-cigarette advertisement a day in my life. And clearly, that reality differs from that of people who lived in Alexandria in 1905. Here, the Egyptian Gazette, on page three of this issue, is pushing the reader to check out an advertisement for the Cleopatra Cigarette Company, just in case they skimmed over it while reading page one just moments before.