Digital Egyptian Gazette Schema

This page describes the schema used in the Digital Egyptian Gazette project, which lives here in ODD (‘One Document Does it All’) format.

The schema expressed in relaxNG compact (made from .odd files using the Roma tool at is here. It can be validated against by using the URL in an XML editor.

In addition to the tags offered by the TEI P5 guidelines, the customized schema employs the following terms.

<div> attributes


  • nameplate: use for the first page of the paper only
  • page: always use the n="" attribute
  • item: the default and most generic div type
  • section: a div containing other divs, typically of the item type.
  • subsection: a div within a section itself containing other divs, typically of the item type. Use sparingly
  • cable: a single wire report with a <dateline> and the name of the wireservice (typically Reuters or Havas)
  • advert: any advertisement; templates are listed here


  • weather: Daily Weather Report
  • wire: Telegrams
  • local: Local and General
  • sport: Sport and Play
  • social: Personal and Social
  • comingEvents: Calendar of Coming Events
  • passList: Passenger List
  • visitList: Visitors’ List
  • letters: Letters to the Editor
  • mattersMoment: Matters of Moment. Pith of the Press Comments.
  • nativePress: Native Press Comments
  • khedive: The Khedive
  • esbekieh: Esbekieh Gardens
  • army: Army and Navy / Army of Occupation / Egyptian Army
  • shippingMovement: Shipping Movement
  • steamerMovement: Steamer Movement
  • navalNotes: Naval Notes
  • mouvementMaritime: Mouvement Maritime
  • londonLetter: Our London Letter
  • parisLetter: Our Paris Letter
  • prepaidAdvertisements: Cheap Prepaid advertisements
  • bulletinBourse: Bulletin de la bulletin
  • councilMinisters: Council of Ministers
  • shareMarket: Egyptian Share Market
  • notesPortSaid: Notes from Port Said
  • notesSuez: Notes from Suez
  • notesSuakin: Notes from Suakin
  • notesKhartoum: Notes from Khartoum
  • notesConstantinople: Notes from Constantinople
  • notesCyprus: Notes from Cyprus
  • notesSudan: Notes from the Sudan
  • notesFayoum: Notes from Fayoum
  • notesOther: Notes from other places in Egypt


Do not use any status as default–leave out the attribute altogether.

  • verified: Complete and correct, verified by third editor.
  • unverified: Has not been checked.
  • uncorrectedOCR: Div contains pasted OCR text that has not been corrected or formatted.
  • irregularFormat: Div contains valid content, but formatting differs from standard.
  • templateDefault: Div is identical to the template, and does not correspond to the content of the issue.
  • empty: Div is empty, often because an editor deleted default template.
  • incomplete: Div contains some but not all of the material it should.

<measure> attributes


  • tal: Talari
  • cantar: qantar
  • £: British Pounds Sterling
  • fcs: francs
  • sh: shillings
  • LE: Egyptian pounds (livres égyptien)
  • balles: bales of cotton
  • ton: tonnes
  • dC: degrees celsius
  • mm: millimeters
  • pt: piasters tarif
  • min: minutes
  • LE M: Egyptian pounds and millimes
  • ard: ardeb
  • $: US dollars
  • sack: sacks


  • currency


  • indexNo: number corresponding to indexing system for newspaper features, especially paid advertisements


  • cols: Specifies the number of columns in a given section
  • colSpan: Used to specifies the width of a div which spans multiple columns and cannot be accurately described using the cols and cb elements.