Lord Londesborough

I wanted to explore the Personal and Social section of the newspaper since this section tends to have more interesting stories. While I did not find anything too riveting in my three editions, I did stumble upon the name Lord Londesborough. I am not sure why this name caught my eye, but I wanted to find out what was so interesting about him since he was mentioned in the newspaper so casually. In the photo you can see that it was just stated that he had just left the Savoy hotel. So, I figured he must be some kind of artist or author since that was enough to make the news.

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In the first book listed on Google books, he is described as a wealthy man with a love for horses. He inherited his wealth from his family and used his house as a place to teach people how to drive horse carriages. He is described as a man of style and status in this reading.

In the next source, it discusses the legal aspects of an estate that Lord Londesborough was purchasing. In the sources I have found about him it rarely ever mentions his career, which is originally what I thought he was popular for. Turns out, he is just a wealthy man from a wealthy family. That is why he is so prominent in the Egyptian Gazette personal and social section.

To try to get more specific results, I searched his name and then “author”. I was really hoping to get more of an interesting story about this person and I thought that maybe he had written and published something. However, it seems that he was just popular for being from a wealthy family and inheriting that wealth. I am quite disappointed with this outcome; I was hoping to learn more about a famous author or artist, but he was just some boring rich man. In this last source he is mentioned in it simply because he owned the renaissance art that was discussed in the article.

Even though I did not research a famous author or artist, it was still interesting to read about Lord Londesborough. It still baffles me that his exit of the Savoy Hotel made it in the news.

Sara Casimiro
Sara Casimiro

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2022.