Maxim Gorki

This image shows The Freedom Monument in central Riga.

Something that has caught my eye while reading these articles from March 1905 to April 1905 is that on the first issue on the third day, there is a small article about a man by the name of Maxim Gorki.

It says he is to be prosecuted because charges have been given to him that he drafted proclamations aiming to overthrow the existing state of the Empire. It also says his health has broken down and that he is liable to three years of detention in a fortress. It also then gives the day of the trial. Gorki is said to be in a place called Riga and is under surveillance. I find this curious because I would like to know more information on this matter. I would also like to know how the trial ended up. I also find it curious because it is such a small article about this man’s prosecution. I would think it would be longer. I would also like to know about the place, Riga, that he is in and if he is such a dangerous criminal that he has to be under surveillance.

Giselle Chacon
Giselle Chacon

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2017.