Death of Haicalis Pasha

Page 3 of the Egyptian Gazette from February 27th 1905

When reading my week of the Egyptian Gazette, I came across the sad news of the Death of Haicalis Pasha. At first I didn’t know why it was so important but then continuing in the article published I could tell that Egypt lost an important life in the European Press of Egypt. He was known as the “Doyen of the Local Press” which means “the most prominent and respected person in a particular field”. This got me interested in this man’s life and accomplishments so I started to do some research on him.

Haicalis earned a Doctorate of Law, was on many Governmental Administrations, was the one who persuaded Mr. Cook, the owner of Thos. Cook & Son tourist agency, an agency which if you have worked with the Egyptian Gazette I’m sure you have heard of, to come to Egypt to start his business. In my own opinion, his most important accomplishment was that he was a founder and the Editor of a newspaper called Phare d’Alexadrie. This paper was known for its “journalistic decency” and not blackmailing individuals, providing readers with just news.

He was honored in many countries for his work, receiving things like the Legion of Honor, the Order of the Crown of Italy, and many other decorations/honors. He was an important figure in the journalist community and impacted how European Press was constructed in delivering news from Egypt and inversely impacted the Egyptian Gazette. Even though this doesn’t impact everyday life ultimately in Egypt it still is a very saddening passing of someone who made positive changes to many things in the world. This article gives me more connection to the Egyptian Gazette and makes you realize how much is going on around the world that isn’t reported on.

Jacob Baenen
Jacob Baenen

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2017.