212 Runs

Cricket scores on 1906-07-30

I have never watched a game of cricket in my life, but I had always assumed it was somewhat similar to baseball. A reasonable assumption I would say, as it features the same general idea of guy throwing ball and other guy trying to hit ball. Just that the ball bounces and you are allowed to hit it backwards, apparently. Then I saw the phrase “Somerset beat Glousestershire by 212 runs”. Well that seems like a rather large number. I realized it was time for some detective work: was this simply a thorough butt-whooping like never seen before, or do the rules of cricket make this a reasonable margin of victory?

After watching this short video, several revelations have been made.

  1. Runs are much easier to come by than in baseball.
  2. Home runs are 6 runs.
  3. Doubles off the wall are 4 runs.
  4. 10 outs instead of 3 outs.
  5. “Balls” count as a run.
  6. “Balks” count as a run.
  7. First base is only 66 feet away as opposed to the usual 90.
  8. Singles are runs.
  9. Games can potentially last up to 5 days.

Well then. I guess losing by 212 runs isn’t as bad as it seems. Still, a crushing loss for Glousestershire. Watch out for this Somerset squad.

Jaime Sepulveda
Jaime Sepulveda

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2017.