The Bubonic Plague

The Presence of the Bubonic Plague, September 26, 1906

#The Bubonic Plague has Arrived ##Striking Now in Egypt Spread by Rats and Fleas The Bubonic Plague has spread from many areas of SouthEast Asia, namely India, and has reached Egypt. The disease has affected many people and places, including Alexandria.

The Plague Strikes

Many people have come down with the disease, and many have been admitted to hospitals. Deaths have also been associated with this deadly disease. The disease has turned into an epidemic since it once again arose from the depths of ancient times. According to JMVH, this new plague, still spread from rats and rat fleas, has taken over all parts of the world.

Unfortunately, it has reached Egypt and Alexandria and has no signs of stopping anytime soon. Death rates are high for the disease, and in some cities without hospitals many people are at risk. The CDC has reported that people should stay away from many of the rats infecting cities, because the cause of the disease is unknown as of yet. Many people die each day as reported in the newspapers, and more are being committed into hospitals at the same time. Many hope that the death rates of the plague decrease over time, but for many people whose family members have already been infected have little hope for the future. Some talk about vaccines and ways to stop the disease, but we have not received any of it yet because people are still dying. Many people in the areas affected by the plague cannot afford to find help, so in some cases, they are left to die on the streets.

Death on the Street

Aliza Anderson
Aliza Anderson

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2017.