Technical Issues

During my journey in IFS2116, I have faced many issues. Some of the issues were easily fixed, some were hard to fix, and some are just plain impossible to fix. My first issue came along the first or second week of class when I tried scanning my pages. The computers did not work and then I had to rescan the majority of my page threes. The journey is long and tedious and very very time consuming. Another issue I faced was the bad quality of image in general. Many of my images had missing words, blurred words, or a mixture of both. Some of the issues even had missing spots in the paper that left me clueless to what belonged in those spots.

Another technical issue I came across was the ads. A lot of the ads had very tiny bold font that was very difficult to read and faded as the ad continued down the page. Though there were many difficulties, I do have to say that I learned a great deal from these problems. These technical issues has led me to believe that nothing is perfect and it is those little imperfections that make the Egyptian Gazette Newspaper so beautiful. We all must understand that these pages have been passed on for over 50 years and nothing that old is perfect. The amazing thing is how researchers, like ourselves, go about solving these issues.

Brooklyn Vincent
Brooklyn Vincent

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2016.