Tragic Fall from a Window

October 18, 1905, page 3

The blog describes an interesting story about a couple. They were having trouble with each other and were in a huge argument, fighting over something that had previously happened. The husband attempted to throw the wife out the window but he was unable to do so. She grabbed on to him and would not let him throw her out. This is where the story became very strange, as who in his or her right mind would throw someone out of a window! Clearly the couple was a little odd, maybe having some psychological problems. In the end the couple both fell out of the window. It was a very interesting news article to read and I thought it was evil but humorous how in the end both people fell out of the window. I am a bit confused of how the couple even managed to fall out of the window in the first place. It was also mind blowing to comprehend that that was how some people settled their problems. It was also interesting that the story did not make that big of a scene. In today’s world if someone was to fall out of a window, let along two people at once, a huge commotion would break out. The news would be telling the story state wide.