In the year 1905, Alexandria, Egypt was becoming a city with a rising society as a result of the introduction to the use of new practices with a variety of beneficial purposes for individuals. As of today, we can still say performing arts such as theatre or music, culinary practices, economic practices, and several cultural practices are still used, usually enhancements of what was practiced in previous years. The city of Alexandria was beginning to get its own sense of balance with opening opportunities to those employers looking for something more than labor. Education was essential for personal growth, however, businessmen often times could not spare even an hour or two to enhance their education. However, thanks to the Berlitz Schools, businessmen were able to work around their schedules to receive classes for those aspiring to learn English, French, German, Italian, and other essential language lessons. To this day, these languages are still practiced by those bilinguals, aside from the use of Arabic: the native language of Egypt. Personally, this caught my attention because this presents a start for receiving an education while working for ends-meet. Also, it amazes me that Berlitz School is still a learning center for those that desire to learn a new language and has grown to be an international program, providing opportunities to learn languages or even study abroad.

Daisy Vazquez
Daisy Vazquez

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2016.