Technical Reflection

I’ll admit, this has been a tasking adventure into the unknown world of MicroHistory. This class has introduced to me: Microfilms, XML Coding and the how to use systems such as ATOM, Github, FineReader and Oxygen XML Editor. I felt as if I was tech savvy before, but this class has taught me how wrong I was about that. I’ve been certified in the basics such as word, excel, powerpoint, photoshop and indesign. This class broadened my sight on what computers are capable of. This class taught me a whole new level From converting Film into Microfilm screenshot, to text, to XML coding has been a task; but it’s an achievable one. I’ll admit, the time consumption of these processes is large. It can take over an hour to convert each page to text and then another hour to convert the text to XML code.

Github is also a difficult program to work with. This is most likely because I have not ever used a program like it. I am slowly getting the hang of the program but I still love to check to make sure everything goes through correctly. This class is a very interesting class because it has shown me a whole new way to look through History. The technical aspect of the class is difficult, but the challenge is well worth it.

Amber Fling
Amber Fling

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2016.