Distorted Photo File

November 6, 1905 - November 11, 1905

My biggest issue that I have had during this project is trying to work with the poor quality photos. Some are angled incorrectly while others are just difficult to read due to age of the papers when they were scanned. The scanner seemed to have distorted or incorrectly scanned the pages. This has forced me to either go back to the library and look to rescan the microfilm or I had to attempt to enhance the quality of the picture using editing. This has added a lot of extra work on my part just to get the files to the point that they can be scanned or read by my eyes.

In addition to this the OCR wouldn’t pick up the actual words, so a lot of the time I was making minor or major changes to the text files. The pages have been taking me around 3-4 hours to correct because the OCR application didn’t correctly fix or correct my document. Some of the words it confused or misspelled were correct and very easy to see. The reader failed to correctly identify a very clear word. It mixes up the letters “o” and “c” a lot as well. For such an intelligent software I am surprised that it can’t correctly differentiate between certain letters and words.

Olivia Evanoff
Olivia Evanoff

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2016.