Bar Fight between Greeks

On the night of January 3rd, 1905, two men were murdered behind a bar. The man responsible is around 20 years old and is very physically fit. His name is Yanni Antonio Stigrigo and was supposedly in love with the sister of his victims. Ironically, one of the men he killed would have made a good husband for his own sister. A fight broke out between the three men and Yanni was quick to take out his weapon and stab the first brother one time, then stabbed the other brother two times. The second brother was taken to the Greek hospital, but died around midnight. Yanni was arrested outside of Cairo Railway Station and was easily apprehended. He followed police demands and quietly allowed them to put him in handcuffs.

As someone who wants to study murderers and their psychological aspects, I would like to know what the fight was about that made him think killing was the only answer. Due to the love interests involved between the three men, I suspect the fight was relevant to marriage. Of course, crimes like this still occur all over the world everyday. Bar fights are very common, mostly because people become angrier when they are intoxicated and cannot control their behaviors as well.

One recent example took place in Tulsa. Bar fights happen every night and can occasionally turn deadly if someone does not step in soon enough. The most well known murder at a bar recently was the Orlando night club shooting. Of course, this was a hate crime but still comes to show that similar things happen everyday, this case being particularly extreme.

Bar fight

In conclusion, the double murder that took place in 1905 in Egypt is similar to events in modern day.

Kara Hofmeister
Kara Hofmeister

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in fall 2016.