Murder In Cairo

On 1905-04-18 Egidio Gerona was ironically murdered upon entering a catholic church in the Mousky. The cause of death came from two bullets fired by a man by the name of Fabio Ninci. Following the incident the murderer was apprehended without resistance outside of the church. The police discovered a few connections between the two men, including their Italian nationality and prior employment. Apparently the murderer had been discharged from the Telephone Company where M. Gerona also worked. The discharge he attributed to M. Gerona, who worked as an electrician the and the murderer sought to avenge himself. In my opinion, the man took his actions way too far, especially over working as a wires-man. With his poor judgment an innocent man was tragically murdered and he put himself away in the central native prison. Two others instances of murder are reported in the paper. First, a Greek band attacked a Bulgarian village, resulting in 15 deaths. The other instance involved the Turks killing 30 Albanians near the town. These reports show the hectic condition that Macedonia is currently facing.

Will Hanley
Associate Professor of History

I study the legal history of the Middle East and teach at Florida State University.