Music Critiques

March 18, 1907

The critique speaks about everyone who performed at the Khedival Opera House on the night that Madame Maud Valerie played at after the different musicians played and sung. He seemed to have been against the common use of repetition in the ways that are shown by the artists and foreign composers at the time. The mistakes seen from a single musician was said to be made much more obvious with the musical part that she chose to sing. The next person was a singer from the Abbis Theatre, who was in the place of another performer, he did rather well, although the tone in his voice was not as strong with its depth and tone. The next performer was a lady who sung the Tschaikowski, doing quite well the audience desired one more performance, so she chose to perform Rubinstein’s Romance in E-Flat. The man who performed directly after her Saillards Bach Allegro, this was bad decision due to the level of passion he used to sing it - not a great amount of passion - as it caused the audience to feel un-intrigued and uninterested. The incredible Madame Maud Valerie began to play the piano and performed two pieces in an outstanding form, showing that she was a true musician and well known by the audiences and the critique.

Handy A. Pierre
Handy A. Pierre

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2018.