A Domestic Tragedy

This article tells the story of a divorced couple that ultimately ended in fatality. In attempts to fix his relationship, the spouse tried to convince his former wife to get back together. However, when she refused, he got angry and stabbed her multiple times. After this violent and impulsive reaction had subsided, the man realized what he had done, and thinking he had killed his spouse, he drew a revolver and shot himself dead. However, the woman simply fell unconscious and did not die. This story has a theme similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet pertaining to the story of a spouse thinking his partner is dead and consequentially killing himself because of that thought. It also shows that people would do anything for love, and that people act irrationally when they are put in desperate situations.

Also, domestic violence was not uncommon, as shown in Matthew Cooper’s blog post. Here Cooper talks about an article on a man who killed his wife with an blow to the head by a bar of iron. Although the context is different between the two instances, it is clear that abuse within marriages was not uncommon.

Gillian D'Onofrio
Gillian D'Onofrio

The author, a student at Florida State University, was enrolled in the digital microhistory lab in spring 2018.