Big Haul of Hashish

£5,000 worth was seized from Mr. Parkinson in the night. Police were able to arrest his suffrage.

Olympic Transportation

Insight into the transportation and lodging of Egyptians to the Athens Olympic Games, in comparison to the current events happening …

The Beginning of Fingerprint Evidence

In 1905, matching fingerprints to identify criminals was a new technology. Because it had only been recently developed, fingerprint …

The Cairo Police

The Cairo Police pulled of a near impossible feat by finding the lost money of an innkeeper with very little details.

Cairo Motor Car Fatality

Pedestrians take the law into their own hands after furious driving leading to accidents.

The Mystery of Daira Sanieh

Introduction This individual research extends the group project on the topic of economics and trade in Egypt . After the war with …

Pink Pills: Stronger Than Death

A comment on the claim that Pink Pills cure everything

Egypt’s Cotton Exports in the Early 1900s

My objective was to devise a way to correct the monthly cotton export table within the Egyptian Gazette editions that have been …

Cotton Production In Relation To Average Temperature in Alexandria

Temperature and Cotton production are tied together at a fundamental level. This is because temperature is a key component of …

Gold Mining and the Gold Market:To What Extent does the Nile Valley Gold Company Reflect the Gold Market?

I ran the XPath query: //div[@xml:id="deg-el-reut01"]/table//cell[contains(.,'Nile Valley Gold …