How to set up your computer


This tutorial explains how to set up your laptop computer and online accounts with the software that you need for the digital Egyptian Gazette project.

1. Set up GitHub

GitHub is the tool we use to save, submit, and combine our work. Create a GitHub account. Submit your GitHub ID via this form so that we can add you to the dig-eg-gaz organization where we store our code. Download GitHub Desktop and install it on your laptop.

2. Set up Oxygen XML Editor

This is the program we use to create our full text version of the Egyptian Gazette. Download the full-function Oxygen XML Editor, which offers a free 30-day trial. After 30 days, you might find ways to renew your trial access, or simply purchase Oxygen using their academic and educational discount.

3. Set up a plain text editor

We will use plain text to write blog posts and other material for the website in Markdown format. The editor is also useful for regular expression editing. There are an awful lot of other text editors out there. For now, download and install, a free open source editor that you can download and run on any platform. You might also like Sublime Text.

4. Set up Tableau

Tableau Public is a data visualization program. Your FSU email allow you free access to Tableau’s full Desktop suite. Navigate to this page and its instructions to download your copy of Tableau. Be sure to use your FSU email address. You will receive a download link via email. Download Tableau and follow installation instructions.

5. Set up Hugo

Hugo is the engine that produces our website. You’ll install a local copy so that you can test your webpages before submitting them.

If you are using OSX, open the Terminal command line program (you can find it in Applications > Utilities). Install Homebrew (a “package manager”) by pasting /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" in the command line, pressing enter, and following the prompts. Then enter brew install hugo.

If you are using Windows, follow these instructions.

You can also consult more detailed instructions to make your own websites.