Serial question analysis instructions

Your final project is to consider a theme or question that recurs across many issues of the Egyptian Gazette.

Part of your work is to compose a serial question that makes sense and can be answered by the dataset. Explain this question (supplying, for instance, the xpath formula you will use), and explain how you extract the results. For guidance on queries, consult the tutorial.

To consult previous serial analysis projects, see this directory.

How do I format my serial analysis?

Write your file in markdown, just as you did for the blog post.

Use a header containing these lines. Supply the title, your name, and the date:

title: "YourTitle"
authors: [YourName]
categories: [analysis]

Name this file

What about images?

Please produce data visualization(s) to accompany your analysis.

You may use a variety of tools:

How do I show these visualizations in my markdown page?

The easiest thing to do is to take a screenshot and include the static image using markdown’s code: ![image title](image-file-name.png).

If, however, you have produced an interactive visualization using Tableau or Google Charts, you need to do two things to embed data visualizations in your markdown github pages.

1. Host the visualization:

For Tableau:

Upload your workbook to Tableau Public’s server. Use the “server” drop down menu and follow instructions. You will need to sign up for an online account, and you might have to save your dataset.

For Google Charts:

Post your code as a gist, then render it using a link from githack.

2. Embed the visualization:

For Tableau:

A complete version of embedding instructions is included in this excellent tutorial. Briefly, you need to click the share icon at the bottom right hand side of your web-hosted visualization. Take the link that it offers and paste it into this code:

<iframe src="" align="center" width="90%" height="500"></iframe>

(For the YOURURLHERE part, include everything to the right of views/ and to the left of the question mark. Your line should look something like this: <iframe src="" align="center" width="90%" height="500"></iframe>.) Paste this code into your markdown file.

For Google Charts:

Place the following bit of code in a markdown file, and your visualization should appear: <iframe src="your-githack-link" width="90%" height="400"/>

How do I submit my individual project?

Fork the analysis repository. Then, make a folder called named 19-analysis-yourSurname and add it to this fork. Add your analysis text file (named to this folder, as well as your images. Make sure that you have no spaces in your file names–use dashes instead. Once your folder is complete, send a pull request. Do this at least twice: first you’ve finished a draft, and a second time once you’ve completed your analysis. It is fine to do it more often too, sending partial material or drafts. I will make comments, and you can revise them.

How do we submit our group work?

One member of the group should add a folder named 19-analysis-yourGroupTopic to their fork of the analysis repository. This folder should be structured the same as the individual project: an file and image files. In the author: line of the markdown header, list all members of the group.

Directory of Previous Analysis Projects

IDS 2681 Fall 2019

An Accidental Analysis
CrisafulliEmotions and Accidents
GrantPolo in Egypt: An Attendance Analysis
HouseThe Geography of Accidents
KamataComparing Location and Speed to Analyze the Effectiveness of Communication
NguyenAccidents Linguistics
WalterAlexandria Fire Accidents
DorseyDiseases and the Medical Schools/Hospitals History
HeflinTuberculosis and Medicine
NaranjoThe Plague
TheophilopoulosMedical Terminology
FaynbergPolo in Egypt: An Attendance Analysis
HayesBilliards Participants
ReynoldsHome Field Advantage in Football
RocheHorse Racing in 1907
Heat of the Sun
HernandezMaximum and Minimum Temperature in Alexandria, Egypt(May 1906-April 1907)
MonacoMaximum Heat of the Sun in Different Stations Across Alexandria [May 1906-April 1907]
SeguinMinimum Temperatures of Alexandria, Port Said, and Suez [1906-1907]
SmithWind speeds in relation to the heat of the sun
Economic History of Stocks and Shares
ChenThe Mystery of Daira Sanieh
KimEgypt Stocks & Shares
KuEgypt’s Cotton Exports in the Early 1900s
MendezGold Mining and the Gold Market:To What Extent does the Nile Valley Gold Company Reflect the Gold Market?
BryantThe Cotton Worm in Egypt from 1905 to 1907
GrimaldoMosquitoes in the Egyptian Gazette
RiveraImpact of Seasonal Change On Tourism and Hotel Stays
SimmersCotton Production In Relation To Average Temperature in Alexandria
ThomasHumidity and its relation to cotton yields
DouglasInsurance vs Assurance

IFS 2116 Spring 2018

ArenasAttitudes towards Germany: Random, Situational, or Seasonal?
BeasleyTemperatures in Assouan and Port Said
BolgerPolo in Cairo
BridgesLocal and General Analysis
BrownJobs in Cheap Prepaid Advertisements
CannonReported Accidents, Incidents, Tragedies, and Disasters
ChappleHotels in Cairo
ClarkThe Egyptian education system in the early 1900s
D’OnofrioRobberies in Alexandria
EbertEgyptian Export Companies
EllWedding and Funeral Flowers
FradyMarriage, Weddings and Divorce
FitzpatrickThe Fascination with Death
HutsonThe Big Four Theatres
JonesHumidity in Alexandria
MajonicaLetters to the Editor 1906
MasonMost Popular Sports
MedinaThe Plague in Egypt
MetalloStocks and Shares
NorthcuttAnti-Semitism in Egypt and Surrounding Countries
PierreCommunication is the way
PorterGolf in Egypt in the early 20th century
PregasenLord Cromer in the Egyptian Gazette
PustamWedding Fashion Trends 1905-1906
RichardsonChildren in Alexandria
SquiresImpact from Climate in Alexandria
WallaceShipping in Colonial Egypt

IFS 2116 Spring 2017

AcostaPatent Pills
AliEgypt’s Grandest Stage
AndersonTarif d’Exportation
BaenenSeasons of Sport
BaxterNew York Excursions
BoltonVade Mecum for the Homeward Bound
BoucherBond Price Analysis
ChaconMurder locations
CwiklaAnalyzing Archaeology
DoringThe Ground War in China
FajardoBubonic Plague
Ferguson20th Century Mosquito Control Efforts in Egypt
FitzpatrickMurder Reports
FrazierDesert weather
FricanoCotton trade
GrecoCoal in Early 1900s Alexandria
HammermasterChanges in the Murder Rate in Alexandria
HaydenSailboat Racing
HortonHospitality through the eyes of the Egyptian Gazette
JohnsonThe Domino Effect: The Impact of Strikes, 1905-1906
MartinezLand Bank Stock Prices
MeixnerPatterns and Trends with Weddings
MigdalskiPlague in Egypt, 1905-1906
MoralesThe Plague and the roles hospitals played
MunizRussian Revolution
NuñezRussian Revolution
NgFront Page Advertisements
OrtizAnarchism in Colonial Egypt
PearceTurn of the Century Exchange Rates
PetersenGum in Egypt
RodriguezMurder in Alexandria
Sepulveda1905 County Championship
StoryClimate Change in Alexandria
UkahAspects of Insurance
VaverekMaking Sense of the Daily Weather Report

IFS 2116 Fall 2016

AmorelloLetters to the Editor in the 1905 Egyptian Gazette
BlackInvestigating the Calendar of the Week
Caliendo20th Century Smoking Culture
CooperWho is the Fastest Horse in Alexandria?
CorzoSilent Killer
CrawfordCapital Market Integration
CrespoNile River
CurcioMedical Miracles
CyrBubonic Plague In Egypt, 1905
EsteveThe Uses of Counting
EugenioThe Bubonic Plague
EvanoffAdvertising in Alexandria Egypt 1905
FlingThe Egyptian Gazette’s Fires of 1905
FrederickThe African Pygmies
GriecoFluctuation in Egyptian Cotton Exports Throughout the Year
HeywardHow Much Coal was Imported Into Egypt in 1905?
HofmeisterChanges Over the Year
LappinCultural Significance of Events in Alexandria
RaglandThe Exploration of Musicians in Alexandria
RymerEgyptian Entertainment: Weekend activities of the everyday Egyptian in 1905
SainTracking Stray and Ownerless Dogs
StefonekFleet Tracking
SummaA Serial Analysis of St. Petersburg, London, and Paris Through the Lens of the Egyptian Gazette
TaylorExpeditions in 1905
ThompsonThe Deaths of Alexandrian Citizens in 1905
VazquezHow did the Cattle Plague affect populations during the year of 1905?
VincentTragic Events in 1905
WhiteCounting Countries, Counting Cities
WillsGlobal Diplomatic Influence on Egypt