How to

Digital Egyptian Gazette project instructions

  1. How to set up your computer
  2. How to scan microfilm
  3. How to perform structural markup in TEI-XML
  4. How to use templates
  5. How to use GitHub
  6. How to OCR text
  7. How to mark up OCR text in TEI-XML
  8. How to polish your TEI-XML
  9. How to use a plain text editor
  10. How to perform content markup
  11. How to query the full contents
  12. How to use regular expressions
  13. How to create an exploratory visualization
  14. How to create data visualizations

Course-specific instructions

  1. How to produce blog posts
  2. How to submit serial question analysis
  3. How to revise data and elements
  4. How to write small tutorials
  5. How to contribute to Wikipedia

Further instructions (to come in future semesters)

  1. [How to map places mentioned in the Egyptian Gazette]
  2. [How to identify people mentioned in the Egyptian Gazette]
  3. [How to identify organizations and institutions mentioned in the Egyptian Gazette]