The Egyptian Gazette contains a large number of recurring elements, which this project identifies using the features= attribute. Some of this material is captured in templates, and others are advertisements. This pages lists recurring free-text features, which are described using terms from the Digital Egyptian Gazette schema. Many of the features listed (ought to) contain sub-items with their own headlines, often also bylines and datelines.

NB: Formerly the feature attribute was called the element attribute; that term, which conflicts with TEI vocabulary, is being deprecated.

Section NamefeatureUsual page(s)FrequencyNotes
Advertisementsvarious1,2dailyUse templates
Daily Weather Report“weather”2dailytempate alternate tempate
Telegrams / Wire Reports (international news)“wire”2,3dailySometimes appears as “To-day’s telegrams”, but typically there is no heading for this section. Treat wire reports as individual divs (type="wireReport"), each with its own <dateline> and <title>. This section is sometimes spread over two pages; when this is the case, you can use the next and prev attributes.
Local and General“local”3dailyTreat individual paragraphs as individual divs (type="item"), each with its own <head>.
Sport and Play“sport”3daily?Treat contents as items, each with own headline.
Personal and Social“social”3daily?Treat contents as paragraphs
The Khedive“khedive”3daily? 
Council of Ministers“councilMinisters”3  
Letters to the Editor“letters”3 Treat each letter as an item, with <byline> and <dateline>
Native Press Comments“nativePress”3  
Naval Notes“navalNotes”3  
Band Performance / Esbekieh Gardens“bandPerformance”3 Lists concert program. Format concert program as a list
Passenger List“passList”3,4,5,6,7 Treat arrivals and departures as items.
Steamer Movements“steamerMovements”3Almost daily.Treat contents as paragraphs.
Shipping Movements and Mouvement Maritime“shippingMovements”4,6Almost daily.French-language Mouvement Maritime runs to October 1905; English-language Shipping Movements begins November 1905; see template for format.
Army and Navy / Army of Occupation / Egyptian Army“army”3,4,5,7  
Calendar of Coming Events“comingEvents”5dailysee template for format
Cheap Prepaid Advertisements“prepaidAdvertisements”2,5,7 Also listed as “Cheap Advertisements.” Section template here. Treat each advertisement as an item.
Chronique Theatrale / Abbas Helmy Theatre / Alhambra Theatre / Zizinia Theatre / etc.“theatre”  Coverage of theatre performances
Visitors’ List“visitList”3,5 Treat each hotel as an item.
Matters of Moment / Pith of the Press Comments / Home Papers“homePapers”5 Make into a section and divide contents into items.
Legal Notes / Chronique Judiciare“legal”3,4,6 French language
Our London Letter“londonLetter”7  
Our Paris Letter“parisLetter”7  
Egyptological Notes“egyptological”   
Egyptian Share Market / Money and Share Market“shareMarket”3,5Usually Thursdaycontains items (Egyptians, Mining, Consols, Rails, etc.) with own heads; often closes with a table. Ends January 1906.
The Cotton Market“cottonMarket”4 Kearsley and Cunningham’s Weekly Report
Chronique Financiere“chroniqueFinanciere”3,4 French language
Circulaire H. de Vries et Boutigny. Notes et Critiques“circulaire”3,4 French language
Bulletin de la Bourse“bulletinBourse”  French language
Export Manifests“exportManifests”  See template for format

“Notes from” section:

These notes typically appear on page 3. They are sourced to “Our Own Correspondent”. Treat individual stories as <div type="item">, each with its own <head>. It is not always clear how many stories belong to the section.

Constantinople“notesConstantinople”also appears as Constantinople Notes
Port Said“notesPortSaid” 
Fayoum“notesFayoum”also appears as Fayoum Notes
The Sudan“notesSudan” 
Luxor“notesLuxor”also appears as Luxor Notes
Other“notesOther”Notes from Akhmin, Keneh, Kafr Zayat, Minet el Gamh, Wadi Medani, and other places in Egypt

Others infrequently occurring features, not yet assigned a feature value:

  • Questions municipales