Women Are Always Lying?
Clip of the Column from Tuesday, August 1, 1905

Tanner Doring

Women Are Always Lying?

Someone had a bad breakup...

While finishing the Tuesday edition of my week, I came across an article titled “Women and Lying.” This article was not only random, but shocking in how aggressive it felt. The article talked about how “women lie more constantly, laboriously, and cleverly than men, and in larger proportion.” The author of this article is very meticulous about describing how women lie. Not only does he mention how women lie through changing their appearances, but also how they lie through their feelings, their views, and their tastes. The author then goes onto describe how a woman will lie to alienate your feelings, convincing you to open up your “heavy gate” and walking right in. It is concluded that the more a wife lies, the smoother the marriage goes.

Overall, this was the article that stood out to me the most within my entire week. Not only was it aggressive, but it was very detailed in how, according to the author, women are very successful liars in almost every aspect of life. Without a doubt, reading this could teach you a lot about how women are viewed in the early 1900’s. It’s clear that women were not viewed as equals at this time and did not receive the respect that they had deserved. You can also learn from this the type of articles that were considered acceptable to write about in the paper when there was nothing else important to report.

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