Discrimination Against Dogs in Egypt

Someone was just about to enter their home when their miniature, harmless dog was attacked by a man because it was not wearing a muzzle.

How To Prepare for an Outbreak

This article describes how Alexandria, Egypt is preparing for a potential Cholera Outbreak.

Tuberculosis and Medicine

Tuberculosis was a popular disease plaguing Egypt and Europe, however, science was limited and was still developing new methods of treatment a lot like TB in the medical field today.

Al-Watan and the Native Press

Alexandria had more than one newspaper...

Rest in Peace Miss F. Collins

Emotions are running low as many, not only in Luxor but also in Cairo, are mourning the death of a local favorite, Miss F. Collins

Sleepy driver results in fatal accident

Crewe-Bristol Express Wrecked, 19 killed, 40 injured.

The Downfall of Thomas Cook Group

Thomas Cook was a mainstream travelling company with long history in England, but the recent bankruptcy struck down this family business.

Alexandria-Brussels Vessel Missing

In the Tuesday issue of ​The Egyptian Gazette​ for the week of November 18, 1907, there is a specific ad which, at first glance, I figured was for a new company providing travel by ship. Most of the pages of the days that I’ve gone through so far with these deliverables have been ads for hotels, chocolate companies like Nestle, and more. But when I first saw this ad and researched a bit about its possible background, it came to my surprise that there was barely any information on the event, and it didn’t have a specific title to search by either.

A Swindling Don Juan

An elderly rich lady supposedly found love with a man, but her family believes he is only with her for her money. Currently she is missing along with him.


How Education in Egypt Has Changed Over Time