The Mystery of Daira Sanieh

Introduction This individual research extends the group project on the topic of economics and trade in Egypt . After the war with Britain, Egypt was turned into a colony of Britain. Its economy had significant growth from the business introduced by the British. Businessman and the Egyptian colonial government promoted the transfer of western industry to the locals. They strived to make the region like a European state. 1 To achieve that, many local resources such as arable lands and mineral pits were used for growing crops and mining.

Egypt’s Cotton Exports in the Early 1900s

My objective was to devise a way to correct the monthly cotton export table within the Egyptian Gazette editions that have been converted to xml thus far, as well as attempting to link that data to existing primary and secondary sources.

Cotton Production In Relation To Average Temperature in Alexandria

Temperature and Cotton production are tied together at a fundamental level. This is because temperature is a key component of agriculture, due to plants growing better in different climates. However, when looking at Egypt, their climatic tendencies have to be taken care of. These include temperatures ranging from “115 degrees F.” to “40 degrees F.” example . Cotton needs specific temperatures to grow well, those being around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gold Mining and the Gold Market:To What Extent does the Nile Valley Gold Company Reflect the Gold Market?

I ran the XPath query: //div[@xml:id="deg-el-reut01"]/table//cell[contains(.,'Nile Valley Gold Mine')]/following-sibling::cell/measure. This search gave back 349 items, which were just the share prices, which ranged from 2 5/8 to 3/8. According to David McMahon, who analyzed an Egyptian geological map, the gold was extracted mainly from the Wadi Hammamat region . This is a dry river bed around the Nile river, and was a major trading and mining route. The Nile Valley Gold mine was part of this trading route, and it was on the most direct path to the Red sea.

Horse Racing in 1907

Horse racing in Egypt during the early 1900s appeared to be an interesting sport of study to me. It included my interest in sports that I shared with the rest of my group. As for the reason why I specifically chose this, it was because I reasoned that horse back racing must have been quite popular during those times which would make for an equally enjoyable and manageable form of study.

Economic History of Stocks and Shares

Group analysis project looking at the Stocks and Shares table in 1905

Polo in Egypt: An Attendance Analysis

What first comes to mind when hearing the term “polo”? Is it a horse? A grassy field? A shirt worn to a somewhat formal occasion? While the term is indeed applicable for all three of these, for the purpose of this analysis I will focus on the Polo relating to the first two. By this I am referring to one of the oldest sports to still be played today. Polo is a team sport where four members of each team mount their horses and, with mallets in hand, strive to direct a ball between a set of goal posts.

Impact of Seasonal Change On Tourism and Hotel Stays

Throughout the years 1905, 1906, and 1907 in Egypt, there was a visible fluctuation in the number of individuals staying at various hotels, such as the Luxor Winter Palace, Cataract Hotel Assouan, and the Savoy Hotel Assouan. Seasonal changes, as well as the environmental changes that come with change in season, greatly affect aspects such as traveling and tourism throughout each year. According to the meteorological dates for seasons, the start of each season remains the same, however the end of each season changes slightly each year depending on how many days there are in the month.

Heat of the Sun [May 1906-April 1907]

Introduction The effect of climate change on the environment has been something of great controversy and debate in the media. This uncertainty regarding the topic sparked an interest in our group and that was to find the validity of these claims. Our ability to gather different aspects of the weather and relate them to each other was crucial in reaching the results that were acquired. In this project, the main goal is to analyze the weather and heat of the sun in Egypt from May 1906 to April 1907.

Home Field Advantage in Football

Every athlete loves to play on their home field, and it’s easy to see why. Being in front of their home fans, being on their most familiar field, and the overall convenience of home field has led to the common belief that the home team is at a measurable advantage. In the Egyptian Gazette, football (soccer) is one of the only sports with a distinct home and away team. For my individual analysis, I decided to explore this home and away data to answer the question: did home field advantage exist for football teams in early 1900’s Egypt, and why/why not?