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Kevin Hernandez › Fire in the Night
Your future could be burning down while you sleep Read More ›

Sonali Pustam › Can women be happy without men?
Spoiler alert: yes. Read More ›

Amy Lee Brown › Mistreatment or misunderstanding?
One liner Read More ›

Tyrielle Jarmon › Marriage & Divorce
The Alexandria Merchant Divorce Read More ›

Leyna Castro › Nature's Skin Food
Alexandria very own Aloe Vera water that cures many skin problems Read More ›

Parker Beasley › Accidental Shooting
A man manages to shoot himself... Read More ›

Sophia Metallo › Is Egypt In A Bubble?
Bursting Egypt's Bubble... On the verge of a meltdown. Read More ›

Chloe Majonica › Advertising... Has anything really changed?
Advertisements are a part of our everyday life, and it does not seem that much has changed since 1907 Alexandria. Read More ›

Gillian D’Onofrio › A Domestic Tragedy
A disagreement between a divorced pair leads to fatal consequences Read More ›

Kailen Chapple › Death amongst the Egyptians
You could be next Read More ›

Thomas Wallace › Pink Pills for Pale People
Dr. Williams wants you to try his Pink Pills for Pale People. What does it treat? Whatever you've got! Read More ›

Jonathan Cannon › Russia and her Army
Hints of the February Revolution Read More ›

Kevin Ooten › English in the Courts
First time English is used as the judicial language. Read More ›

Faith Northcutt › An Actor's Nightmare
What do critics really know? Read More ›

Ryan Jones › The Bad Guys
Terrorists versus justice Read More ›

Alexis Fitzpatrick › Cairo Visitor Gravely Injured
RIP Mr. Hann Read More ›

Gavin Clark › Train on Fire
Exploding Lamp causes train car to burst into flames. Read More ›

Ian Bolger › The Varsity Match of Egypt
The Khedivieh v. Tewfikieh Schools football match. Read More ›

Michael Ebert › The Modern Egyptian - His Manners and Morals
Women's Safety From Upper-class Men Read More ›

Adrian Ell › Fashionable Wedding
Captain Charlton and Miss Whitaker tie the knot. Read More ›

Handy A Pierre › Music Critiques
Incredibly talented foreign performers Read More ›

Laney Degroat › Doggos
To the Editor about a dog Read More ›

Daniel Arenas › The More Things Change
Anti-Semitism and Anti-Immigrant sentiment in pre-War Britain Read More ›

Sami Squires › Double Execution
Hanging for murder Read More ›

Claudia Richardson › Dead Hungry
Have you ever feared that you would be hungry in the afterlife? Well if you get buried in Egypt, you shouldn't. Read More ›

Jordan Frazier › Rain in the Desert
How is the driest place in the world one of the most fertile? Read More ›

Giselle Chacon › Maxim Gorki
Maxim Gorki is to be prosecuted Read More ›

Anthony Muniz › Hey That's My Good Arm!
A deep and intellectual discussion on the horrors of life Read More ›

Taj Ali › Madame Butterfly: A Metamorphosis
A great play for the grand stage Read More ›

Tanner Doring › Women Are Always Lying?
Someone had a bad breakup... Read More ›

Marsella Migdalski › The Plague
Origins, treatment, cure? Read More ›

Jacob Baenen › Death of Haicalis Pasha
The passing of the Doyen of Local Press, a beloved soul and very important man in Egypt. Read More ›

Kevin Fitzpatrick › 6,000 Birds Found Dead
Don't go towards the light! Read More ›

Madison Bolton › Pe-ru-na
Oldest Man in America Read More ›

William Ortiz › Why is anarchy important in British Egypt?
The Egyptian Gazette is reporting on anarchist activity but why is that important to British Egypt? Read More ›

Nino Fricano › Petra
One liner Read More ›

Olivia Hammermaster › Dishonesty: The Consistency of Politics
People make careless remarks all the time, especially public figures who then regret what they said. Egyptian royalty in 1906 was no different. Read More ›

Joseph Ng › How the Khedive Spends His Time
The activities of the Khedive as described by The Egyptian Gazette Read More ›

Sabrina Nunez › Icilma
Nature's Skin Food Read More ›

Will Pearce › Reading of Sentence
In this portion of this Thursday issue of the Egyptian Gazette, Read More ›

Alexia Horton › Page 6 Disaster
The never ending pages of financial tables Read More ›

Kenneth Ukah › A Regatta Is a Boat Race.
In this week's regatta, The Ananke aims for another first place finish after her successful debut in the Khedival Yacht Club. But what does that even mean? Read More ›

Diana Fajardo › Analysis of _The Road Man_
One liner Read More ›

Jonathan Morales › Plants that make ice?
See what happens when engineers mix water with plants. Read More ›

Madison Flick › H & C Flick, Cigar Importers
Am I related? Read More ›

Rosalyn Baxter › Miraculous Medicine
A woman who used a medicine as a last resort ended up being cured of her 3 year long illness! Mrs. Ida Caldwell swears by this cure, would you try it? Read More ›

Joshua Story › The Untimely Death of Prince Mohamed Ibrahim
Freak Car Accident Read More ›

Carlos Rodriguez › Dead Man, One Horse
A murderous horse vs. the common thief Read More ›

Cameron C.L. Greco › The Death in Egypt and in my Mind.
My social life isn't the only thing that's dying. Read More ›

Elizabeth Barrett › Donkey Drivers
The perfume mall-kiosks salesmen of the early 1900s Read More ›

Jaime Sepulveda › 212 Runs
A complete thrashing (or is it?) Read More ›

Aliza Anderson › The Bubonic Plague
How the Bubonic Plague hit Egypt Read More ›

Justin Petersen › The Gum Trade
Yesterday gums up today Read More ›

Katherine Ferguson › Just Boil Your Water
Why did Typhoid Fever last so long when Dr. Leigh Canney had given the army lectures and research on the importance of boiling water before drinking it? Read More ›

Anet Crespo › Job Posting
Job posting in the Egyptian Gazzette, very picky about its candidates. Read More ›

Brayan Barbosa › The Result of hashish
What goes on in someone's mind after tasting some hashish paste Read More ›

Alexander Amorello › A Reflection on the Tech
Pressing Ctrl+S every once and while is good decision. Trust me Read More ›

Alexander Amorello › Higher Learning through the Newspaper
Would you apply to a Secondary Institution because of an advertisement in the newspaper? Read More ›

Valerie Curcio › Numerical Nonsense
A-B-C that a 3 or an 8? Read More ›

Brett Crawford › XML encoding in Finereader
Seeing through the noise Read More ›

Thomas Corzo › The Silent Killer
Another life taken by the plague. Wait what plague? Read More ›

Alex Caliendo › The Evolution of Cigarette Advertising
Cassandra Frederick › Technology Troubles
Just one computer inept girl taking on technology and wondering why it hates her. Read More ›

Cassandra Frederick › Deadly Dates
A man treats his cousin to a date she will never forget Read More ›

Brooklyn Vincent › Technical Issues
Problems I faced during my jouney in IFS2116 Read More ›

Brooklyn Vincent › Tragic Fall from a Window
The blog post is about a man who tries to throw his wife out of a window Read More ›

Christian Ragland › A Sad Englishman
A man's ear used for negotiation. Read More ›

Johanna Eugenio › Enteric Fever
This blog post is about Enteric fever and the army. Read More ›

Daisy Vazquez › Curiosities
Arabic Isn’t The Only Language for the Egyptians! There’s more! Read More ›

Daisy Vazquez › XML Brings Tears
Things don’t go right Read More ›

Justin Esteve › Egyptian Gazette Structural Issues
Encoding Limitations Read More ›

Dante Grieco › OCR Woes
OCR: A Tale of Misery, Loss, and Misfortune Read More ›

Brett Crawford › The World's Worst Job
Amber Fling › Odd Football Score
Such a unrealistic score. Read More ›

Charlie Rymer › The Plague
Why is the report of a plague hidden in the middle of a newspaper? Find out why. Read More ›

Matthew Cooper › Issues with the Issue
Various issues I've encountered while attempting to digitize my portion of the Egyptian Gazette Read More ›

Amber Fling › Technical Reflection
Get ready to work Read More ›

Matthew Cooper › Wife Murder
Crazy man kills his wife with an unusual weapon Read More ›

Melizza Black › Difficulties with OCR
A short, very angry, very annoyed rant Read More ›

Hannah Sain › OCR OCSucks
ABBYY made word processing take more than a minute. Read More ›

Emma Taylor › Running out of Time
This course has been a challenge. At times it feels as though the very technology which should be helping is doing just the opposite. Read More ›

Kara Hofmeister › Time Issues
Will I ever finish? Read More ›

Erek Cyr › When a Patch Won't Do!
The Importance of Historical Preservation. Read More ›

Melizza Black › “Avoid Female Society”
Also onions and garlic Read More ›

Hannah Sain › Clean Killer
Soap producers have been using an extra ingredient in their product that cleans off more than just dirt. Manufacturers have been adding a chemical in their soaps that can remove skin tissue. Read More ›

Gwen Lofman › Haskell and XML
A Technical Reflection Read More ›

Erek Cyr › Bubonic Plague In Egypt
Bubonic Plague Claims Lives in 1905, Not Just a Medieval Problem. Read More ›

John White › XML-izing
A retrospective on creating a rough draft for my week's XML. Read More ›

Olivia Evanoff › Distorted Photo File
Photo quality and scanner quality might drive me insane. Seriously. Read More ›

Kara Hofmeister › Bar Fight between Greeks
Fatal Fight and Double Murder Read More ›

Justin Esteve › Medicine
A man in Alexandria, Egypt had suffered from chronic kidney disease for 19 years of his life. After being told he had less than three months to live, he has managed to cure his disease with only five boxes of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. Read More ›

Gwen Lofman › Egyptology & Archeology
A curiosity Read More ›

Hank Thompson › Finereader Rage
* In my best Darth Vader impression* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More ›

Samantha Lappin › Column Formatting
An insinuation of importance by size devotion. Read More ›

Jacob Stefonek › Technical Reflection
Some technical reflecting about XML-ing Read More ›

John White › Somerset
An interesting person Read More ›

Hank Thompson › Fatal House Collapse
A Curiosity. Read More ›

Brandon Barrett › Close Knit Community
Throughout the text the paper has given lists of names of people who attended certain events. How close knit was the 1905 community? Read More ›

Dante Grieco › British Imperialism
Moving forward Read More ›

Logan Wills › Chatham Explosion
World's Largest Explosion Read More ›

Emma Taylor › The Stuff Movies are Made Of
An entire family perishes attempting to enter an ancient this really where the story ends? Read More ›

Jacob Stefonek › The Fashoda Incident
One of the many times Britain and France were on the brink of war. Read More ›

Celita Summa › Egyptian Gazette Views on Imperialism
Riley Oulette › Murder In Cairo
Samantha Lappin › Christmas Mail
Celita Summa › Technical Difficulties in the Egyptian Gazette
A brief summary of the struggles in encoding I've encountered. Read More ›

Will Hanley › Billy Ocean meets Prince Lines
On internationalization and localization Read More ›

Will Hanley › The death of Muhammad 'Abduh
A closely-watched funeral Read More ›