Through close reading of the Egyptian Gazette, an English-language daily newspaper published in Alexandria, we will compile comprehensive data about local events during a single year, 1905. Each student will be responsible for one week (6 issues, totaling 40 pages) of the paper; together we will cover the year.

This class brings together

  • microhistory,
  • urban history,
  • Middle Eastern history,
  • media history,
  • and digital history.

It is suitable for those interested in

  • history
  • Middle East studies
  • digital humanities
  • computer science
  • communications
  • international studies
  • history of journalism and advertising

No background in these fields is necessary, however.

We will gather this data using digital methods. Students will learn to use:

The class is composed of labs and workshops, not lectures.

We then work together to represent those events in a website that will employ a variety of digital communication tools. This website will present serial data and analysis concerning:

  • local crime news
  • international events
  • commodity prices
  • shipping
  • passenger arrivals and departures
  • weather
  • the stock market
  • advertising
  • sports scores
  • science news

    and much, much more!